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Lifeguard Services

Guard Start (Jr. Lifeguard Courses) are designed for youth 11-14 years old (completed 5th grade).

This program builds a foundation of knowledge, attitudes and skills for future lifeguards.  Students will learn about Prevent, Fitness, Response, leadership and Professionalism.

Lifeguard Certification

Included in certification are Lifeguard Training, CPR for the Professional Rescuer, AED, Oxygen Administration and First Aid.

Contact The Swim Lady (252) 202-2000 or for availability

“When I first met Christen Buchert I was frantically searching for swim lessons for both of my children.  My son was four and afraid to get his face wet.  My daughter was eight and desperately needed beginner lessons, but did not want to be in a class of four-year-olds.  Christen gave my daughter a private lesson and found an age appropriate group for her to join.  My son could not even stand in the shallow end of her pool.  She had him blowing bubbles and putting his face in the water immediately.  Both children started in level I [American] Red Cross Swim Lessons with Christen and have completed several levels including Lifeguard Certification.  This past summer while my daughter was working as a lifeguard, she ran across an infant that was swimming with her father.  She asked the father if Christen trained his infant and he said that she had.  My daughter was so impressed that when she has children she would take her infant to Christen for [Infant Swimming Resource] Lessons.  Christen I can not thank you enough.” -Mary C.

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