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American Red Cross Lessons

American Red Cross Learn-To-Swim Lessons
(Levels I-VI):


  • Available only to children 48 months and older
  • Email with a daytime phone, type of lesson you wish (private, semi private or group), dates you are interested in, child’s name and date of birth and what location you are inquiring about.
  • Lessons available year round

Available as private lessons, semi-private lessons and small groups.  I will group children together based on skill level, or you can tell me whom you’d like to swim with.  Please contact me via email ( or phone (252) 202-2000 for pricing and availability.

  • Small groups are 3:1 ratio-includes a 60 minute lesson (4 classes schedule per group)*

*Levels V or VI, please expect 5 lessons per group

  • Semi-Private lessons are 2:1 ratio-includes a 60 minute lesson
  • Private lessons are 1:1 ratio-includes a 45 minute lesson

Adult Swim Lessons:

Come and work on confidence or improve your strokes to make them more efficient for exercise.  Earn a Red Badge of Courage and learn to swim if you’ve never known how.  Afternoon/early evenings-flexible schedule. C all (252) 202-2000 for details.

“I cannot say enough about what a great teacher Christen is!  All three of my children have been through her program from toddlers who were just beginning, to swimming merit badges for Scouts, to lifeguard training.  She is a kind and compassionate teacher who will, no matter your initial skill level, make you an excellent swimmer.” -Rachel S.

*Proud Provider of American Red Cross Health and Safety Training*

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