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ISR-A Mom’s Perspective

June 13, 2014

We purchased the ISR lessons in a silent auction for SIDS ( sudden infant dead syndrome ), that’s when you start seeing Christen’s love for kids.

Our lessons started this May 2014 … Every morning 8:50 am…. No food for two hours, some foods are out of the question, two swim diapers… Two towels, read the book, use the BUDS sheet… You may think is all a bunch of nonsense, trust me… It’s all there for a reason.

When after a few days you see your baby rolling under water and floating on her back, when you know that if by any chance or small possibility she finds an open gate to a pool, pond or fountain… She will survive… It’s all worthy!!

Christen has this amazing charm with kids, this great sense to connect with them and  infinite patience for the bunch of concerned moms with I’m sure the same questions every 10 minutes or in a full inbox every night …. second drowning? She puked on the car… Is she ok? Is crying a lot normal?  Should I hide behind the fence? Can I give her Tylenol? She is teething and miserable, can she still swim?

People say… Is that the lesson where they toss your kid with shoes in the water and it seems they are drowning? …. Christen will NEVER toss a kid in her pool… She holds them, stays by them the whole time, talks to them, plays with them… They learn with love and care. And trust me they learn!

Sophie was 7 months when we started, she was not even crawling yet… And she is amazing rolling and floating… She cried a lot, yes she did…  But it was ok… Because it was the perfect cry to let me know I’m in the water come and save me., the kind of cry you want to hear if something happens….some kids don’t cry and are more quiet but she explains what noises or sounds to learn and understand from each kid to know how to react…

We had classes with only swim diapers, then with bathing suit, with summer clothes and winter clothes, and she did the roll float and cry like a champ!  She got her cute first trophy … One of many to come… But all she cared was her fun sweet sticker… The one that Christen always gave her after her class… That brought a smile to her face after her 10 minutes of work out… And we drove home peacefully … Soph .. because she was tired… Me … because she knows how to be safe!

Thank you Christen for all the love, time and patience you have for our children around your arms, for us, the moms kneeling in the towel waiting to hug our babies when they are done, for the infinite information you send and all the questions you answer, for the fun times we get making new friends in your deck, cheering to all the kiddos… You make our community stronger and safer.

Thank you for being a teacher, a friend!

We will see you in January for the refresher … Or if Sophie is walking  we will be ready for the trio …roll swim float!

You are the best!

MJ LaRue

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